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The house sits on a hill overlooking the city of Bordeaux. Completed in 1998, it was designed for a couple whose husband was confined to a wheelchair after a severe car accident.

The house is on 3 levels, each linked by a 3 x 3m hydraulic mobile platform which can lock into or between each level, thus placing mobility for the client at the heart of the scheme. The lowest level, containing entrance, family room, kitchen and other everyday facilities, backs south into the hillside and opens north off a walled entrance courtyard with guest quarters and caretaker's room opposite.

On the middle level is the glass-enclosed living area. This opens south onto a covered terrace and extends east into a covered terrace, in the middle of which is a circular steel-clad drum containing the stair to the children's quarters. In contrast, the top floor is enclosed in a mass concrete box, 25 x 11m, punctured by porthole windows. Here are the bedrooms and washrooms. The parents' and children's zones are separated by a central void.