MASTERS OF ARCHITECTURE is an ongoing series of colour images from PIDGEON AUDIOVISUAL and WORLD MICROFILMS.

It has been digitised from the original collection of 58 slide sets which were published between the mid 80s and 2003 and two new image sets have now been added: recent work by NORMAN FOSTER and a set of images of "LANDSCAPE" in Manhattan and the West Coast.

The series was started when Tadeusz Barucki offered PAV publication rights to some of his collection of slides. This Polish architect was in the habit of spending half of every year travelling the Western World photographing the work of architects he admired, starting with Frank Lloyd Wright and Louis Kahn.

Other people's collections have followed and will continue to be added to in the future. Principal among these has been Monica Pidgeon herself – in particular her photographic series of the annual Pavilions on the Serpentine in Hyde Park, London.

Please note that this "Masters of Architecture" website is under continuing development, and all the images on the website are copyright protected.