About this set

PARIS 1994


The work shown here is a sampling of some of the most interesting architecture currently visible in Paris. Despite the economic recession, whole new areas have been carved out or are under construction - such as Les Halles, rue Manin, Parc Citroen, La Villette, La Défense, the Louvre, where leading architects are involved. Work by Le Corbusier has not been included here because it is in the image sets WPL and WQG. Similarly, Jean Nouvel has been omitted as his work in the image set WRJ. The series is in two parts:

LARGE ENSEMBLES LA VILLETTE: Tschumi, Fainsilber, De Portzamparc, Huet, Decq, Vasconi, Nunez. PARC CITROEN AREA: Berger, Meier, Kagan. LES HALLES: Arretch, Huidobro/Chemetov. BERCY: Andrault & Parat with Prouve, Huidobro/Chemetov, Gehry. LA DÉFENSE: Camelot, De Hailly & Zehrfuss, Spreckelson with RER. LE GRAND LOUVRE: I.M.Pei with Peter Rice /RER. Images 1-105

INDIVIDUAL WORKS by: Bisset & Lyon, Niemeyer, Ott, Perrault, Piano, Piano & Rogers, Pingusson, Porro, De Portzamparc, Seidler, Tange. Images 106-168