About this set

Hans Hollein: Stadtisches Museum Abteiberg, Monschengladbach, Germany

For Hans Hollein, architecture is ritual, and he uses transformation, whether of size, scale, materials or function, as a basic tool (images 1-23).

Richard Meier: Arts & Crafts Museum, Frankfurt-Am-Main, Germany; The High Museum Atlanta, USA

The American architect Richard Meier is preoccupied with space whose order and definition are related to human scale. He works with volumes and surfaces, and manipulates forms in light, changes of scale and view, movement and stasis. His buildings are conceived in a complementary relationship to their natural setting. His search for clarity begins with the plan (images 24-58).

James Stirling: Neue Staatsgalerie, Stuttgart, Germany

The British architect James Stirling (Stirling & Wilford) won the competition for the City Gallery and a new theatre and music school in Stuttgart in 1977. After taking part in, but not winning, two other limited competitions in Germany, he had to incorporate historical buildings into his scheme: the old neo-classical gallery and theatre. Furthermore, the site being on a slope, he had to make provision for the public to traverse it from Konrad Adenauerstrasse at the lower level to Urbanstrasse at the upper. This he brilliantly achieved by means of a ramped walkway encircling the drum round the sculpture court at the centre of the scheme. Stirling says "the museum is a sort of collage of old and new elements, Egyptian-like cornices, Romanesque windows, Constructivist canopies - a kind of union of elements from the past and the present" (images 59-82).