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Ref WQP "Los Angeles represents, more than any other city, the American Dream - of wealth, speed, freedom, mobility". "Nowhere are there so many superb buildings, designed by top-flight domestic architects". "Such a city is not one on which anybody who cares about architecture can afford to turn his back". (Reyner Banham, "Los Angeles: the architecture of the four ecologies"). The following selection of slides is but a fraction of the architecture on offer but gives some idea of the variety in this city where 'anything goes'. Non-residential is subdivided into three parts as follows: Part 1: Frank Gehry Images 1-44 Part 2: Bruce Goff, Arata Isozaki, Philip Johnson, Richard Neutra, Cesar Pelli, R M Schindler, Lloyd Wright Images 45-89 Part 3: Craig Ellwood, Michael Graves, Morphosis, Eric Moss, Frank Lloyd Wright Images 90-126