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All Jean Nouvel's work shown here is in France where he is one of the leading architects. Images 27-45 cover NÉMAUSSUS, Ave du General Leclerc, near Peripherique Salvador Allende, Nîmes; and CLM/BBPQ OFFICES, Ave P.Poli, St Germain, Issy-Les-Moulineaux, Paris.

FONDATION CARTIER, Boulevard Raspail, Paris 14. An all-glass building surrounded by a small garden. A glass screen in front of it maintains the continuity of the street frontage. Above are offices and below are storage and car-parking. The double-height ground floor and first basement house changing exhibitions of contemporary art. Images 1-10

ARAB INSTITUTE, Quai St Bernard, Paris 5. With P.Soria, G.Lezenes and Architecture Studio. This was the first of the Presidential, "Grands Projets". The Institute is a cultural centre. The building is in two parts linked by a patio and a top-level bridge. The part facing the river matches the curve of the Bvd St Germain. The entrance façade on the other side matches the height of the Sorbonne which it faces across a great space. It pays lip service to Arab geometry (the mushrabiya) in aluminium. (See P8900 in www.pidgeondigital.com for a description of the project by Nouvel himself). Images 11-20

OPERA HOUSE, Place Tolozan, Lyon. The vaulted glass roof that Nouvel added to the 19th century opera house covers the dance studio and offices. Images 21-26