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Buildings and work by Jørn Utzon, Philip Cox, John Andrews, Lawrence Nield, Conybeare Morrison & Partners, Glen Murcutt, Anchor, Mortlock & Woolley, Leigh Prentiss, Graham Jahn, Mitchell Giurgola & Thorp, and Edwards Madigan Torzillo & Briggs.

Sydney: "Sydney is an isolated urban entity. Behind it, beyond the coastal mountain range, stretches the country's vast empty interior; before it is the ocean which separates it from the rest of the world... The Opera House and the Harbour Bridge are juxtaposed dramatically in the foreground and the city centre rises dramatically behind" Francesca Morrison, Urban Design Quarterly, July 1991.
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Canberra: The plan and form of Australia's Federal Capital originated in Walter Burley Griffen's winning design in the international competition in 1912. In 1957 the National Capital Development Commission was set up to direct planning. The city is virtually a vast garden containing buildings as individual objects and a man-made lake, the focal zone being the Parliamentary Triangle, crowned by the Parliament building. From here there are wide views down radial avenues.
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